11 Most Popular Beauty Websites

Natural skincare does not need to rest solely in the hands of the individual. Some may think that the only way to get natural beauty products is to make them yourself and while that may be true, some skincare brands are trustworthy when it comes to natural skincare. While homemade skincare products are certainly a valid option there are many skincare brands that offer natural products, and all you have to do is make the purchase—whether here or there. 
Before diving in, it is important to note what companies mean when they advertise their products as “natural.” The simplest answer is, there is no simple answer. The definition of the term “natural” varies from site to site and can mean different things for different products. The most common definitions deal with organic ingredients or how the products are free from certain harsh chemicals, but that is not universal or all-inclusive.
This is why, when I compiled my list, I have gone so far as to specify in what ways each brand or company markets its products as natural. As well, in my search for the most popular beauty sites for natural skincare, I have noted the ones that showed up at least twice during my hunt.
Credo Beauty has its clean standard that each of its products must live up to. On their site, they boast a line free of any “dirty” ingredients, a list that is quite substantial and is no small feat to avoid. 
Follain evaluates the clean ingredients they use in their skincare products, as well as where the ingredients come from and the finished product combinations to ensure the best possible product for the consumer. They are EWG Verified, free of synthetic fragrances, and certified by Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free). They consult with experts on their products which are also dermatologist tested. 
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At Cap Beauty, they use pure plant materials in their skincare products and are committed to natural beauty. Their site consists of over 150 brands, all of which are clean, offering a large assortment of products for you to choose from. 
The Detox Market offers safe products made of pure ingredients. Their products are labeled cruelty-free and tested before they are put on the market. As such, if a product does not pass the test or is made with unsafe ingredients, it does not make it on the site, ensuring only the best is available for the customer. 
Ursa Major advertises forest-infused formulas for its products, drawing inspiration from nature itself. The founders are passionate about natural beauty and strive to make both clean and effective products that are meticulously tested before being offered on the site. 
Juice Beauty uses an antioxidant and vitamin-rich botanical juice base in its products that take a unique approach to natural skincare. They offer plant-based makeup as well and utilize organic ingredients for a more unconventional methodology for natural beauty. 
100% Pure offers pure, healthy beauty products to its customers. There are no animal-sourced ingredients. Instead, they use plant, mineral, or marine vegetation that is only altered by biological processes. They do not test their products on animals and use only natural pigmentations. 
Pai Skincare utilizes organic ingredients in its natural products. They have products that are certified by COSMOS, Cruelty-Free International, and the Vegan Society, covering a wide range of important elements when it comes to how many people view natural beauty. 
Tata Harper makes their products out of raw ingredients from over sixty countries all over the globe. They use higher concentrations of ingredients in some of their products to make them the most effective that they can be. As well, they use a natural preservative system to keep every aspect of the process clean. 
Herbivore Botanicals uses no synthetics in their products. All high-quality ingredients are raw, organic, and ethically sourced. Finished products are only tested on people, never animals. Their goal is to make the best product for the customer, both in terms of effectiveness and luxury. 
Eminence Organics takes a slightly different approach when it comes to natural beauty. Instead of merely focusing on ingredients, they consider the process surrounding the finished product as well. Each sale plants a tree for starters. In addition, they use wind and solar energy in the making of their products, never using processes that impede an ingredient’s effectiveness. 
Luxe Botanicals uses Global Botanical oils and natural ingredients in their products, branding themselves as “true-to-nature.” They use fair-trade sourcing and are an environmentally friendly company. 
There you have it, like C&R Naturals, these brands offer natural skincare products. But what sets us apart? Perhaps our ingredients and the fact that each of our products is homemade delivered and packaged with you in mind.
Text by Sharayah Hooper
Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels