What is Body Butter vs Lotion?

The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. It deserves the same kind of care and attention. The products that are used on the body need to moisturize the skin, seal in hydration, and last the whole day. With that being said, there are things that a person might look for in a skin product. For example, they might like a shiny or matte finish, they might want illumination to reflect on the skin—they might be into scents, such as light and airy or fruity. People may also have different requirements for their products in different seasons. A person needs to understand what kind of product they want to moisturize their skin. There are many different kinds of skin products that moisturize the skin but two will be discussed: body butter and lotion.

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Body butter is a skin moisturizer that usually contains butter and oil—Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter are the butter(s) that are typically used in the making of body butter. Natural butter helps to deeply moisturize the skin. From there, oils are added to help enhance sheen and bring moisture to the product. Sometimes essential oils are included to create an atmosphere when applied and add pleasant scents to the butter—these ingredients are then mixed to create body butter. Lotion, on the other hand, is categorized as a liquid added to the skin to add moisture.

The lotion is made with many things, but the main ingredients are things that help to hydrate and plump the skin—ingredients like glycerin, urea, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid are all hydrating properties that spread the skin thinly and leave a dewiness to the applied area. While both can be used for the same reason, they can still function differently and serve a different purpose at times. The lotion is a thin consistency while body butter is a lot thicker in texture. Body butter may be too heavy for some and lotion may be too light for others. For instance, if a person has normal skin, they may just stick to the lotion because it provides them with everything they already need. Others may have very dry skin or skin issues like eczema, which calls for a product that’s going to pack a punch in moisture but also create a barrier between the skin and dryness from the air and sun. In this case, body butter would work better for a long-lasting effect that will not leave the skin dry by the end of the night. Another difference is the actual ingredients in both products.

Lotion focuses on hydrating the skin and penetrating the pores using water-friendly ingredients and absorbs into the skin quicker. These ingredients help deliver water-based hydration compared to body butter that works to seal in moister using oil-based ingredients. An example where lotion can come in handy is if a person who has normal skin is going out on a hot day. They are more likely going to reach for the lotion compared to the body butter because that will give them a lighter finish and not leave their skin feeling heavy in the heat. Speaking of the weather, body product choices are affected by the different seasons of the year. Body butter works better in harsh winter months by adding a thick layer of protection to the skin against dry winds and freezing temperatures. Lotions work better in warmer temperatures to add water content-based hydration to the skin. This is all that is needed in a warm place with moisture in the air. Adding to that, many lotions now contain an SPF to add a layer of protection from UV rays.

Both lotion and body butter are helpful in different ways and can intersect in their usefulness. A person needs to experiment and figure out what works best for them so that their skin may be taken care of and treated well. After all, the skin is the biggest organ of the human body.


Body butter vs Lotion: Which is best for you?

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Text by Tianna Burns