How C&R Naturals was founded

CEO/Founder Yasmin Stewart
CnR Naturals & Aesthetics strives to deliver 100% All Natural Handcrafted Bespoke skin care products and skin care services for the benefit of glowing, healthy skin. My story starts at the birth of my children. Having a child with very sensitive skin forces you to pay more attention to everything including skincare ingredients. I myself suffered from eczema and just being a only girl in a family of mostly boys it was difficult not wanting to do boy activities. As i grew older i became more interested in my feminine side and with society's opinions on what they think you're supposed to look like, what "perfect" is as well being a black girl growing up with scars and eczema my confidence level was very low. My mom later moved us to a predominantly white community for better educational opportunities and a better environment. It was hard fitting in with these girls that had confidence, entitlement lighter skin and very different experiences, i ended up just creating my own circle of colored friends that built each other up. Rewind back to my son's eczema i brought him to a dermatologist who later prescribed him a steroid name hydrocortisone that i declined to take because i realized it could alter my baby's complexion and depending on the amounts you use can absorb into his bloodstream and cause side effects later on in his life. After crying to my mom she gave me the idea of making a natural remedy that could help, fast forward C&R Naturals was established.