Mulit-Use Oil

Mulit-Use Oil

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Our Multi Use oil is JUST the oil you need to compliment your skin, our main ingredient is Hemp seed oil which is very hydrating to the skin and can help balance out oil levels regulating oil production. Hemp seed oil is also known to reduce stress. Our Multi- Use oil can be applied to the face/body or hair daily. Whichever you use it for it'll be a WONDERFUL product to use for either or. 

Great for all skin types.

Benefits include:

- Nourishing properties for the skin/hair

- Does not clog pores

- prevents hair breakage by enhancing lubrication of the shaft 

- Strengthen and stimulates hair growth

- Contains natural antioxidant properties

- Supports overall skin health

- Reduces UV damage 

- Contain anti-inflammatory properties

- Help in skin repair and damaged skin